Book written by our alumnus Dr.Rosaline Tina Paul

A thorough understanding of Dental materials is an indispensible part of a dental course. However, all the textbooks currently available on this subject are intended to cater to the needs of the under graduate students. Such information is highly limited for a postgraduate. The main intension to publish this textbook is to facilitate easier yet more effective study of this subject by incorporating all the relevant information at a postgraduate level into a single book.


Another important highlight of this book is that it describes the various methods used to evaluate the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the dental materials used in orthodontics in particular. This aspect would definitely help the post graduate students in their thesis preparation, since all the relevant testing methods for the dental materials are explained in detail.


Each chapter is written with appropriate references and recent advances which would be useful for the students during their exam preparation. This would ensure their score to obviously shoot up during the university examination. Hence I’m herewith intending to publish a textbook entitled “Materials used in orthodontics”. 


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