Departments Non-Clinical

Departments Non-Clinical

Anatomy (cut and See)coined by Aristotle 2300 years ago is the study  of the structure of human body and its organs in detail. Anatomy is learnt under gross anatomy, osteology, angelology, mycology, microscopic anatomy or histology, radiographic anatomy, developmental anatomy or embryology, comparative anatomy, etc.

At Royal Dental college  Human Anatomy department is providing best of knowledge of the subject in theoretical as well as practical aspects .It has highly committed & efficient senior faculty and an  excellent  infrastructure   
The museum in the department has many  wet specimen of almost all the parts & areas of human body, neatly dissected, very well display & arrange in different section. Wet mounted specimens of the dissected body parts and dry specimens of bones of the body, embryology models and various models of different system of the body.
Dissection is done in respective labs under the supervision of faculty with full participation from students. Osteology and embryology is taught in demonstration & lectures on real bones and models of embryology. Seminars are presented by our students on topics of clinical importance. Routine assessments exams are conducted.

Physiology and Biochemistry 

Biochemistry is perhaps the most fascinating subject as it deals with the chemical language of life. Biochemical analysis gives the scientific basis of the disease which is useful for its treatment and prognosis .At the end of the 1st year training; the students attain the ability to biochemical analysis blood & urine samples.  We have  well equipped laboratories and clinical material. The latest methods of investigations & demonstrations are undertaken in the lab and taught to the Pg and  BDS students. Department also conducts tutorials, seminars, discussions to update BDS students with latest advances in the subject.

Human Physiology is the science that deals with various functions of the human body, their control under normal condition and their regulation under different physiological and pathological conditions. 1st year BDS students are taught the Physiology of different systems in the body like . Cardio-vascular system respiration central nervous system, reproductive system; endocrine and excretory system. we have a well equipped Hematology and human physiology lab to aid our students to master this subject

General Pathology & Microbiology

Microbiology is one of the most interesting of the biological sciences as it deals with public health, infectious diseases and biotechnology. The oral cavity harbors thousands of different species of microbes and acts like a living incubator Students in the Department are made aware of infectious diseases, etiological confirmation of clinical diagnosis and antimicrobial susceptibility to select the best antibiotic for therapy.

Pathology is the study of disease. More specifically, it is a bridging discipline involving both basic sciences & clinical practice & is devoted to the study of structural and functional changes in the cells, tissues and organs that underline disease. The department is well equipped with binocular microscopes, computerized microscopic slide projector, OHP, flow charts & photographs.


Pharmacology is both a basic & an applied science. It forms the backbone of rational therapeutics. Currently pharmacology is one of the most rapidly expanding and transforming medical disciplines. Dental as well as medical students are primarily concerned with applied aspects of this science. 

Correct & skillful application of drugs is impossible without a proper understanding of the basic pharmacology. pharmacology is extremely important for dentists as they not only prescribe for dental ailments but also to patients who are taking drugs for other medical disorders also. The department is thus aiming to prime students with basic knowledge of drugs so that they can use drugs rationally and effectively on the patients.

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