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      It is a well documented fact that signs of illness are first detected in the oral cavity before symptoms are perceived in the body. The department of oral medicine concerns itself with the early detection of theses signs. The novices are taught methods of observation and elicitation enabling them to diagnose a patient efficiently and effectively. The Division of Oral Medicine is dedicated to providing an environment of scholarly inquiry, teaching and patient care wherein graduate students can pursue their study of the specialty of oral medicine with both effectiveness and flexibility. The Oral Medicine program begins with an intensive didactic program that provides a broad understanding of the pathophysiology of disease and provides a strong theoretical background in the area of the student's research interests. Clinical training in Oral Medicine is aimed at providing exposure to the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of oral diseases, the assessment and management of systemic diseases with oral manifestations and the dental management of medically complex patients.

The goal of the Oral Medicine program is to train students to become competent oral medicine specialists so that they can:

1. Act as primary care providers for patients with mucosal disease.

2. Act as a consultant for the dental and medical community.

3. Function competently, efficiently and effectively in the health care environment.

4. Apply scientific principles to learning and patient care.

5. Be engaged in community service and to act as ambassadors for dentistry and the Oral Medicine specialty. 


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