Royal Dental College Students’ Pledge of Honour

·        As a professional student and a dentist in training,

·        I publicly acknowledge and pledge that:

·        I will study with honesty and integrity

·       I will respect and value the knowledge and wisdom of my teachers in the profession and will treat them with respect and courtesy

·      I will recognize the privilege given to me as a doctor-in-training and will not abuse them either on campus or out of the campus

·   I will recognize my weakness and strengths as a student and as a human being and will strive to develop those qualities that will earn the approval and respect of my teachers, colleagues, patients, my family and myself.

·    I will remember that dentistry is both an art and a science and that my warmth, sympathy, understanding, compassion and good manners are integral to patient care.

·  I will always maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

·      I will strive to earn the trust that my patients will place in me and the respect that society place on my profession.

·     I will improve that standard of health of my community even as a student, not forgetting the importance of my own health and well-being.

·     I commit to uphold academic integrity by completing all assignments in the manner expected and be fully involved in my studies with the discipline, devotion and dedication that the study of a professional course requires.

·      To my country and hope people,I pledge my devotion.

·       This pledge I make freely and upon my honour.




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