Patient Responsibilities

Regarding dental care, each patient has the responsibility to:

·Abide by collegiate rules and policies, as informed by collegiate personnel.

·Be respectful of clinic personnel, other patients, and clinic property.

·Make arrangements for the care of your small children or dependent adults during your dental appointments.

·Arrive on time for a scheduled appointment or give 48-hour notice for a change in appointment. Failure to keep scheduled clinic appointments may result in a severed relationship between the patient and the College.

·Provide accurate and complete information about your health, including medications and past or present medical problems.

·Report any changes in health status.

·Provide current information regarding your health insurance.

·Follow treatment recommendations given by your dental care provider after reasonable treatment options are presented.

·Notify a provider if you do not understand information about your care or treatment.

·Inform your provider if you are not satisfied with any aspect of your care.

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