Royal Dental College



Our institution implements a well-structured Mentor-Mentee Programme. The programme is aimed at providing individual attention to all students and addressing all issues related to their academic and personal development.

Standard Operating Procedure for Mentorship

  1. A mentorship list for each year/ batch/ class will be prepared at the beginning of the academic year.
  2. Mentor- mentee ratio to be 1:10.
  3. Mentor should be willing to listen non judgmentally and be able to value and respect the students perspective, to be able to solve their issues by networking with other faculty/ parents/ counselor to solve the issue. A follow through by mentor with mentee and others when needed is necessary for the mentorship to be successful.
  4. Regular meeting to be held between mentor –mentee to develop a rapport to realize and elicit personal or academic problems the mentee may be facing and to resolve them if possible by mentor(s) themselves or else after discussion with the members of mentorship committee.
  5. Mentor should meet the mentees as a group or individually once a month on the first Monday to ascertain their problems and find solutions. The feedback from this meeting is to be handed over to the chairperson of the mentorship committee for necessary action if any. Mentors are free to follow up or periodically check their mentees in between the mandatory monthly meetings.
  6. Mentor should try to rectify, inspire / instill / increase confidence and positivity in mentee.
  7. For academic problems related to specific subjects, mentee to be directed to meet faculty of that subject for guidance and clarification. Mentor to follow up about this with the concerned faculty.
  8. For other behavioral/ personality/ self discipline/ organizational issues the student can be referred to Principal/ counselor.
  9. Mentorship forms will be allotted for each student and are to be maintained very precisely.
  10. The same form to be transferred to the next mentor of the following year. This is to maintain the student’s academic record from 1st year to final year. It is advised to keep a backup copy (photocopy) in the department and/ or personally with the mentor.
                                                                     LIST OF APPROVED MENTORS

         Mentorship Coordinators

         Dr. Meera K Pynadath                        Dr. Rosaline Geetha                  


        FIRST YEAR

  1. Dr. Anuradha Sunil
  2. Dr. Shajahan P.A
  3. Dr. Shaju George
  4. Dr. Biju P Babu
  5. Dr. Tony Paul



  1. Dr. Binitha PP
  2. Dr. Reeshma E.K
  3. Dr. Divya R
  4. Dr. Neethu Kadar
  5. Dr. Sheshagiri Muttagi
  6. Dr. Meera K Pynadath
  7. Dr. SheebaVarghese
  8. Dr. Anjana Cherath


        THIRD YEAR

  1. Dr. Meera K Pynadath
  2. Dr. Sumitra S
  3. Dr. Anjana Cherath
  4. Dr. Sowmya Balakrishnan
  5. Dr. Sunimol C.B
  6. Dr. Rosaline Geetha
  7. Dr. Saarika Suresh
  8. Dr. Jayakanth K
  9. Dr. Lakshmi Prabha Das



  1. Dr. Archana Mukunda
  2. Dr. Nimisha M
  3. Dr. Arun Mohan
  4. Dr. Bhoomika PC
  5. Dr. Mary Joseph
  6. Dr. Stanley John Cheriyan
  7. Dr. Krishna Kumar C S
  8. Dr. Shreya M A
  9. Dr. Mufeedha K Nazar
  10. Dr. Meera K Pynadath
  11. Dr. Lakshmi Prabha Das



  1. Dr. Mary Joseph
  2. Dr. Kenneth J Cheriyath
  3. Dr. Ajmal Mohammed
  4. Dr. Ranjith Kalliyath
  5. Dr. Amrutha Joy
  6. Dr. Rajani ER
  7. Dr. Shilpa RS
  8. Dr. Nidish Kumar P V



  1. Dr. Anuradha Sunil
  2. Dr. Biniraj KR
  3. Dr. Mohammed Sagir
  4. Dr. Rohit Raghavan
  5. Dr. Biswas PP
  6. Dr. Anjana G