Royal Dental College


                                                                                                           RDC Alumni- The guiding foot prints 


  • To provide career guidance for Royalites
  • To provide job placements for Royalites
  • To provide international career guidance
  • To provide CDE and professional enrichment program
  • To provide elective posting for interns
  • To encourages clinic establishment


Royal Dental College alumni is a matter of pride to our Institution and adds values to the core principles of the Institution. The RDC alumni goes beyond the formal scope of alumni association bonding. It also creates a strong network which bonds all the students of Royal Dental College in a wealth of opportunities. RDC alumni offers an amazing platform of network which guides, encourages, supports the Royalites in molding their successful future. The process of learning is never ending and our RDC alumni offers to train the students regarding latest updates and technologies through CDE and professional enrichment programs. They also mentor students in need regarding future career prospects, job placements, career guidance etc.


            The RDC alumni was established on Nov 16th 2009 and has consistently remained active till date. It has emerged as a strong association with active participation by all the members. Our RDC alumni database plays special emphasis to sorting of students as per their location, pursuing higher studies, working abroad, owning clinic, job status and also based on their extra-curricular activities and passion. We have several groups of this committees like “ Royalites Abroad” “RDC Clinic Owner Association”, “Royal International Alumni Career Guidance Cell”, “Alumni Clinic Placement Cell”, RDC Clinic Owners Alumni”.

            An innovative idea of “Virtual Postings At Alumni Clinic” introduced at RDC allows 2 members each from internship to get virtual posting at any alumni clinic which allows them to experience how general practice is done in clinics.       

Evidence of success: 

  1. 20 alumni clinics helped 36 students set up their clinical practice
  2. Dr. Bisna and Dr. Muneer of the International Placement Cell interview students and also help in their placement in all parts of the world. More than 10 students have been placed so far.
  3. Dr. Shanawaz K conducts MDS NEET online coaching and helps and guides students interested in pursuing MDS course.
  4. 3 non-teaching staff of RDC have been working as receptionist in dental clinics of former students of RDC.
  5. Dr. Shabeel PM working at Apexion dental company helps students with dental equipment required for clinic practice at subsidized rates.
  6. Many of our students of RDC alumni who have ventured into non dental professions help and counsel other students with similar interests.