Royal Dental College


Royal Dental College believes in the overall development its team of hard-working staffs. The Institution gives due value to every contribution of all its Teaching and Non-Teaching staffs in the form of incentives and promotions. As evaluation is essential to recognise the efforts made towards betterment of academic and non-academic contributions, the IQAC is instrumental in supervising a channelized periodic Performance Based Appraisal system (PBAS) of all its working faculty. 
All faculties who have completed minimum one year of service within the Institute are only evaluated for appraisal. Based on the overall assessment of the performance, feedback and due credit is awarded to the faculty. This enables the faculty to have a clear idea of their strengths and weakness thus giving them an opportunity to work on their weakness. This ultimately in turn would improve the quality of standard of services provided to the stakeholders thus reinforcing a culture of excellence which falls in line with Goals of the Institute.
Appraisal Process
Performance Appraisal is undertaken at the end of every academic year during the month of July under the guidance of IQAC. Royal Dental College follows the system of self-appraisal for Teaching faculty. The completed forms are submitted and scrutinized by the the Principal for Teaching faculty and by Human Resource Cell for Non-Teaching Faculty. Appraisal forms of Teaching faculty are then forwarded to the Chairman of the Institute for any additional remarks. Student’s academic performance in a particular subject is also taken into the evaluation process by the Principal. All appraisals are done in an unbiased and transparent manner. 
The appraisal system motivates faculty to be aware of their role and responsibility in the Institution and to put forward their best efforts. This creates an atmosphere of self-improvement through awareness thus leading to quality improvement with cooperation from staffs.