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Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The institution has a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), which is formed and functions under the supervision of a PTA Committee. The Association includes representatives from staffs, parents and mentors. The institution also has a mentor committee consisting of mentor in-charges to monitor the students for various batches during the whole academic year. The mentor committee acts as a bridge between students, institution and parents.

The parents of both undergraduate and postgraduate first year students are invited to attend the induction ceremony and are provided with orientation on the whole course curriculum. On the same day, details of parents are collected and they are added to the PTA registry.

Periodic PTA meetings are conducted, usually after each 2nd and 3rd internal assessments every year.  The parents are informed about the overall performance, achievement/progress and consolidated term attendance of their wards. Their feedback and suggestions are collected, analysed and addressed before the mentor committee, examination committee and Principal. After the due discussions with the principal the concerns raised by parents are addressed and resolved. Parents of underperformers are asked to attend the meeting along with the principal, subject teachers and mentors of the concerned students.


Academics: To provide a platform for parents, students, teachers of the institution to meet, exchange and analyze issues and make recommendations for academic improvement.

Grievances: Involvement of parents in all student activities and in overall development of institution.

Hostel/Mess: Communicate and discuss the changes or modifications needed in hostel facilities including food menu. 

Conduct: Overall discipline of the ward is discussed and remedial measures are undertaken if any disciplinary issue is raised.  

Action Plan:

PTA meetings are held after the second internal examination for every batch. Communication letters for the meetings are sent 2 weeks prior to the meeting date through SMS/ e-mail. Meetings are scheduled on a week day during college working hours. Parent representatives from each batch are selected to form a core team.

PTA meeting details:

During the meeting staff- in charges share the  attendance percentage and internal assessment marks of the students before the parents for discussion. The parents along with their wards can meet faculties from all the departments and can discuss about their performance. Suggestions and objections can also be discussed. Activities and research planned for the particular batch is discussed. The feedback from the parents is collected at the end of meeting and the issues raised are discussed at the subsequent mentor committee meeting. Non- academic grievances and suggestions from the parents are resolved after the discussion with the Principal and management.

Outcome of PTA:

Periodic PTA meetings were beneficial for students and institution which positively reflected in the university exam results.

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